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One bite can change the world!

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As a result of using too many antibiotics, bacterial resistance is on the rise. Hospital patients who are already ill are especially at risk of developing infections by touching bed rails, door knobs or just about anything within reach.

Scientists have developed coatings for high-touch surfaces to fight the spread and growth of microbes. For example, Sharklet is a coating that mimics shark’s skin, reducing the ability of bacteria to stick to these surfaces.

The skin of sharks is made up of a highly-ordered series of bars arranged in a diamond pattern that can fight off bacteria without antibiotics. In this tale, a girl is surfing and gets bitten by a shark.  She develops shark skin to fight bacteria and save the day!

Using Magical Dragons blood

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The Komodo Dragon is found on five islands in Indonesia. They have more than 80 different bacterial strains in their mouths, including some that cause blood poisoning, sepsis or DEATH. Somehow the bacteria don’t affect the Dragon, this tells us that they are immune. The answer lies in their magical blood. Serum from the Dragons has shown to have antibacterial activity.

Scientists from George Mason University have isolated substances known as cationic antimicrobial peptides (CAPs) in the Dragon’s blood that have powerful germ-killing abilities. A Komodo Dragon’s blood has lots of antimicrobial compounds. In our story the world is full of sickness, only the Komodo Dragons are immune. A scientist discovers this, finds the CAPS, rushes to the lab and creates the serum to save the world!

Fighting Antibiotic Resistance!

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It’s more that just a song! Antibiotics are used to prevent and treat bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria evolve due to overuse or inappropriate use of these antibiotics. The bacteria become stronger and harder to beat!

There has been a lot of research into how long antibiotic courses should be, to figure out how long is needed to kill all bacteria.  If you’re being treated for an infection, the antibiotics your doctor prescribes and length of course are based on evidence.

Feeling better does not always mean the infection has completely gone. Your doctor has had years of training and access to the latest evidence, so always follow their advice! Here our main character takes an antibiotic and the focus shifts to the battle raging inside his body, one man and drugs vs bacteria.

Its the battle of the SUPERBUGS!
There can only be one WINNER!

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